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Free After School Clubs

Clubs offered after school on La Mesa Campus are:

  • Cooking Club - Students will learn safety in the kitchen, how to prepare healthy and fun snack foods. This club is taught by Ms. Mazon.
  • STEAM - Science, technology , art and math students in this club will work together to problem solve and come up with creative ideas when working on an array of different projects. This club is taught by Ms. Lagunas.
  • Strategic Game Club - Students will practice what they have learned in class by playing classic and new board games. This club is taught by Ms. Perez.
  • Basketball - Boys and girls 4th and 5th grade only will practice and play competitively against others schools or basketball leagues. This club is taught by Mr. Mendez.
  • Soccer - In soccer club students will learn the fundamentals of soccer and participate in fun physical activity. This club is taught by Mr. Tsosie and Ms. Martinez .

Clubs are offered free due to our CSI grant which is funded by the City of Albuquerque, Bernalillo County and Albuquerque Public schools. Many other after school clubs are offered at the La Mesa Arts Academy which is located at the La Mesa Presbyterian Church.

Adult and Family Workshops and Classes

At La Mesa we are happy to provide an array of adult and family workshops. Please check our calendar for current workshops and classes being offered. For more information please contact Laura Rodriguez or Erica Apodaca at 505-262-1581.

Family Nights

La Mesa will host several family nights this year. These evenings are used to celebrate the progress and creativity of our students. Family Nights are a La Mesa tradition and we always have wonderful participation from our families.

Breakfast After the Bell

Daily from 7:53-8:10

Breakfast After the Bell allows breakfast to be served at no charge to all children after the school day has begun in the classroom. It allows schools to increase the percentage of children eating – often reaching 90-100%, particularly in elementary schools.

Breakfast is delivered to the classrooms each morning. While children eat, teachers can take attendance, collect homework, read aloud, or begin the lesson. When they are finished, students clean up their own desks and throw their garbage in a trash bag that is picked up the custodian.

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