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Contact Karla Ceballos Rosales  Karla Ceballos Rosales Teacher
Contact Deborah Peak  Deborah Peak Teacher
Contact Hilda Soria-rivera  Hilda Soria-rivera Teacher
1st Grade
Contact Eileen C De Baca  Eileen C De Baca Teacher
Contact Margarita Morales  Margarita Morales Teacher
Contact Guillermina Slone  Guillermina Slone Teacher
2nd Grade
Contact Christy Baitz  Christy Baitz Teacher
Contact Lisa Chavez  Lisa Chavez Teacher
Contact Rubi Maldonado Parra  Rubi Maldonado Parra Teacher
Contact Mildred Nieves - Caraballo  Mildred Nieves - Caraballo Teacher
3rd Grade
Contact Virginia Montoya  Virginia Montoya Teacher
4th Grade
Contact Luz Aragon-moody  Luz Aragon-moody Teacher
Contact Tanya Flores  Tanya Flores Teacher
Contact Olivia Garcia-ortiz  Olivia Garcia-ortiz Teacher
Contact Letitia Sanchez  Letitia Sanchez Teacher
5th Grade
Contact Monica Charles  Monica Charles Teacher
Contact Ana Escobar  Ana Escobar Teacher
Contact Edward Tsosie  Edward Tsosie Teacher
Indian Education
Contact Shannon Johnson  Shannon Johnson RTI/Navajo Language Teacher
Physical Education
Contact Brent Cooper  Brent Cooper Teacher
Contact Raul Sanchez  Raul Sanchez Teacher
Special Education
Contact Michelle Bianchi  Michelle Bianchi Head Special ED Teacher
Contact Aide Gonzalez -Espindola  Aide Gonzalez -Espindola Teacher
Contact Florence Lopez  Florence Lopez Teacher
Instructional Coach
Educational Assistants
Contact Javier Aguirre  Javier Aguirre Staff
Contact Edith Cordero  Edith Cordero Staff
Contact Cristina Estrada  Cristina Estrada Staff
Contact Raquel Fleitas  Raquel Fleitas Staff
Contact Cecilia Galaviz  Cecilia Galaviz Staff
Contact Beverly Garcia  Beverly Garcia Staff
Contact Carol Griego  Carol Griego Staff
Contact Diana Lagunas  Diana Lagunas Staff
Contact Annebelle Martinez  Annebelle Martinez Staff
Contact Edith Mazon  Edith Mazon Staff
Contact Carmen Najera  Carmen Najera Staff
Contact Carmen Perez Andrade  Carmen Perez Andrade Staff
Contact Elizabeth Renteria  Elizabeth Renteria Staff
Contact Nancy Renteria  Nancy Renteria Staff
Newcomer Support
Contact Natalie Perez  Natalie Perez Teacher
Contact Aura Acabal  Aura Acabal Principal
Assistant Principal
Contact Kaye Bates  Kaye Bates Assistant Principal
Contact Eileen Gonzales  Eileen Gonzales Volunteer Office and School Support
Contact Manuela Pedroza  Manuela Pedroza Office and Attendance Clerk
Technology Teacher
Contact Kristin Healy  Kristin Healy Teacher
Contact Jennifer Lopez  Jennifer Lopez Teacher
Contact Angela Gonzales  Angela Gonzales Nurse
Contact Maria Perez  Maria Perez Health Assistant
Occupational Therapist
Contact Cesar Morales  Cesar Morales Staff
Contact Anne Garcia  Anne Garcia Counselor
Contact Erica Apodaca  Erica Apodaca Community School Coordinator
Contact Laura Rodriguez  Laura Rodriguez Community and Family Support Liaison
Even Start
Contact Jose Gaytan  Jose Gaytan Custodian
Contact Ramses Fernandez  Ramses Fernandez Head Custodian
Contact Eldon Montoya  Eldon Montoya Custodian
Contact Renee Ortegel  Renee Ortegel Cafeteria Manager
City of Albuquerque Early Childhood Pre School

505-256-2063 or 505-256-2075

City of Albuquerque Parks and Rec. 


Even Start Pre K
Contact Edith Cordero  Edith Cordero Staff
Contact Bethsave Guilen -Mendoza  Bethsave Guilen -Mendoza Teacher