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  • Be Safe: I will play only in designated play areas and use equipment appropriately.
  • Be Kind: I care and am accepting of others.
  • Be Responsible: I am accountable for everything I do. I come to school ready to learn.
  • Be Respectful: I am trustworthy and make good choices.


Arriving on time for class is expected and essential. Students are expected to be in class by 7:50 a.m.

It is the parents’ or guardian’s responsibility to call the school when the student is absent. On the day of the absence, a parent or guardian must call the school office to leave a message or speak with school personnel:

Attendance Line: 262-1581 ext. 54132

Parents who remove a child from school early must sign the child out on a log sheet in the office. Parents may be asked to show a picture I.D. before they remove the child from school. We do this in order to ensure the safety of your children. When the child reenters school on the same day, the parent comes to the office to sign the child back into school. Students may not be checked out after 1:30 p.m.

Cell Phones

Cell phones need to be turned completely off and put away while at school.

Dress Code

All students are to wear proper attire to school to foster the best environment for learning. La Mesa requires that all students wear uniforms to school each day. On a limited basis, the school will attempt to help families obtain uniforms. Please contact the our family liaison or school counselor for more information.

Uniforms may be found at Target, JC Penny, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Fallas Parades, and thrift stores.

School Uniform Policy


  • NO logos, labels, or decorations may be on any part of the uniform
  • NO tank tops or bare midriffs are allowed


  • Colors: khaki, black, or navy
  • Must be straight legged, regular cut, pleated or plain front
  • Waist must fit appropriately
  • May not cover shoes
  • No denim, sweats, or warmup pants


  • Colors: khaki, black, or navy
  • Same regulations as pants
  • No shorter than 2 inches above the knee

Pleated skirts, jumpers, or skorts

  • Colors: khaki, black, or navy
  • No shorter than 2 inches above the knee

Polo shirts

  • Colors: Solid
  • Must have collars
  • Must be tucked into pants, shorts, skirts, or skorts
  • Short or long sleeves accepted
  • No t-shirts, stripes, sleeveless or logos

Sweaters, zippered sweatshirts

  • Colors: Solid colors
  • Must be worn over polo shirt
  • No caps or hoods may be worn inside buildings


  • Colors: brown or black
  • No more than 2 inches extra length


  • All shoes must be fully enclosed and tied or secured
  • No roller skate shoes or open toe shoes

Drop Off & Pick Up

At no time should children be in the staff parking area, located on the north or west side of the school.

Walkers are encouraged to use the crosswalks and walk on the sidewalk. Students will obey the directions of the crossing guard.

The only drop-off area is through the west parking lot, up against the curb. The driver may not leave the car in the drop-off area (at the curb). If the driver is coming inside, park the car in a parking space, and walk your student into the building.